Yosemite Birthday Get-Away

I love Yosemite. I was enthralled from our first visit in July, and was stoked when I found a Groupon for cabins inside Yosemite – and my birthday weekend (Nov 16th) was available! Which was a much better prospect then trying to camp at that time of year.

On Saturday, we took advantage of the great weather (cool, but sunny and clear) to explore a new trail we hadn’t yet done together: Lower and Upper Yosemite Falls, to Eagle Peak. It ended up being a bit of a longer day than we anticipated, but we had packed plenty of food and water – and it was so worth it! The trail to Upper Yosemite Falls was tough with plenty of switchbacks, but clear. Once we reached the top and turned towards Eagle Peak, we were in a land of snow! Two completely different hikes, rolled into one.

At the top, we were so incredibly high above everything – Yosemite Falls looked SO FAR away, Half Dome was far in the distance. We were alone on top of the world up there.

Hike Stats: Lower and Upper Yosemite Falls to Eagle Peak
Distance: 17.1 miles
Time: 6 hours 33 minutes
Elevation Gain: 8,292 feet

Sunday, we were greeted with snow falling from the sky. And falling… and falling… We didn’t have a car built for snow/ice driving so we stayed safe at home in the cabin and had a wonderful day relaxing, reading, playing games – and watching the snow fall. It was a perfect balance to the extremely active day we’d had the day before. All in all, a perfect start to 31.



Honeymoon in Cabo

We scored a great deal on an all-inclusive resort in San Jose del Cabo for our honeymoon. Five days, four nights of sun, good food and relaxation. Although we weren’t able to leave immediately after the wedding, it worked out really well that we were able to spend Monday (the day after our wedding) visiting with friends and family who had come from out of town for the wedding, and would have a day at home once we got back before going back to work.


Tuesday, we were off to Cabo! We got off to a bit of a stressful start due to LA traffic – we almost missed our flight, and it was the only one going out that day!! The gal at baggage check had to call the gate to see if they would accept us! Oh no! Thankfully, we were able to make our plane and our travels were otherwise smooth.

Upon arriving in Cabo, we inadvertently got sucked into a time share pitch. We didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late to back out without a hard sales pitch, and we don’t MIND getting things for free… so we ultimately went a long with it. We were able to relax at our resort for the rest of the day, and the next morning we were picked up to go to the timeshare pitch in Cabo San Lucas. It was a hard sell – we learned a lot about how to say “no” but they were really persistent. We finally got out of there early afternoon, with our freebies in hand and spent the next few hours relaxing at the resort beach. Before long, it was time to head to our (free!) sunset dinner cruise!

We had amazing weather, and ran into another couple we had met earlier at the beach. We had a great time, and the views were great!!

After a busy first full day in Cabo, we spent our second full day in full relaxation mode. We parked ourselves on the lounge chairs right on the beach and read and napped all day. It was wonderful!!

Our last full day in Cabo started with a walk along the ocean, then spent the rest of the day hanging out in the pool and socializing with a fun group of people we met.

Our honeymoon was the perfect mix of relaxation, exploring and fun. We were really surprised by how tired we were after the wedding, and it was just enough time to recharge before heading back to reality. We’re definitely looking forward to coming back!

The Raimers

On November 1, 2015 Jon and I got married and began a new journey as husband and wife!

In the years we dated, traveling was always a big part of our relationship. Working at the same company, we’re lucky enough to have similar schedules and vacation time allotments, and we love to make the most of it! Family, friends, weddings, races and our own interests have taken us to Portland, OR; Colorado; Vegas, NV; Boston, MA; Washington D.C.; Miami, FL; Arizona; Utah; Cozumel.

The year of our engagement, we went to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks – my first time to a national park – and I was amazed with the beauty, and was hooked. I wanted to see them all if this was just a taste! Thankfully, we already had plans to visit Yosemite later in the summer, which also left me craving more time in these beautiful places where we could disconnect from the world, connect with each other, and experience the beauty of the world.

We kicked off our marriage with a honeymoon in San Jose del Cabo – a first time visit for both of us, but certainly not the last!