The Raimers

On November 1, 2015 Jon and I got married and began a new journey as husband and wife!

In the years we dated, traveling was always a big part of our relationship. Working at the same company, we’re lucky enough to have similar schedules and vacation time allotments, and we love to make the most of it! Family, friends, weddings, races and our own interests have taken us to Portland, OR; Colorado; Vegas, NV; Boston, MA; Washington D.C.; Miami, FL; Arizona; Utah; Cozumel.

The year of our engagement, we went to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks – my first time to a national park – and I was amazed with the beauty, and was hooked. I wanted to see them all if this was just a taste! Thankfully, we already had plans to visit Yosemite later in the summer, which also left me craving more time in these beautiful places where we could disconnect from the world, connect with each other, and experience the beauty of the world.

We kicked off our marriage with a honeymoon in San Jose del Cabo – a first time visit for both of us, but certainly not the last!


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