Anniversary in Avila Beach

One of our wedding gifts was a gift certificate to Avila la Fonda, a hotel in Avila Beach, CA that was a favorite escape destination of our friend’s. We decided that would be the perfect get-away for our One Year Anniversary!

That turned out to be a very good decision. Avila la Fonda was the perfect destination. The room was amazing, and they fed you practically all day! Breakfast was homemade chocolate croissants (to die for), lunch was nacho bar with Coronas, and happy hour was wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres. Everything was so, so good.¬†

For our full day in Avila, we headed out to hike Ontario Ridge trail, which we’ve seen many, many times from the 101 when driving up North. We had a bit of trouble finding the trail that took you up over the ridge, but we eventually found our way!! Once up on the ridge line, the views were great, and this is a route that we would definitely revisit. Heading back to the trailhead, we had to go down a knarly downhill! It was so steep you had to weave back and forth since you couldn’t go straight down!

Here is a link to what we were trying to hike:

Hike Details:
Distance: 4.64 miles
Time: 1 hour 36 minutesElevation: 945′

Before heading back to the hotel, we just had to check out Pirates Cove. Definitely not a “hike” to get there, since it’s super short, but totally worth it especially since we found a little otter friend swimming in the surf. He was so cute!!

A tradition that Jon and I started fairly early on in our relationship was celebrating Valentines Day at home, cooking ourselves a decadent meal that would set you back a pretty penny if you were to go out. We took a page from that book for our Anniversary weekend since our hotel room had a kitchenette and outdoor BBQ!

We had an awesome night in, relaxing, playing games, enjoying the amazing accommodations, and cooked up a phenomenal meal of oysters (raw, that we learned how to shuck ourselves), bacon wrapped shrimp, and steak n veggies. Yum!


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