One Rainy Day in Cambria

We weren’t able to see Jon’s cousin when we were home for Christmas, but thankfully we were able to arrange a meet-up in Cambria the weekend after New Years. Unfortunately, it was supposed to rain all day Saturday, which was a major bummer since she’d never been to Cambria before!!

We tried to take advantage of a break in the rain with a trip to see the elephant seals. At this time of year, the pups are being born and the males are starting to fight for dominance to see who will get to breed with the females.

Every time Jon and I come to Cambria, we stop to see the elephant seals. And in all our visits we have never seen a fight between males like we did today! They were like sumo wrestlers body slamming each other… it was crazy. It didn’t seem like they were really hurting each other, but afterwards you could see the blood on their chests, so I guess they really were!!

Unfortunately, the rain really started to come down and we were getting soaked so we decided to head back to the hotel for a cozy afternoon in, playing games!