Kalalau Trail

We go to my families time share on Kauai almost every two years. Next time, we plan to tack on a trek along the Kalalau Trail to the beginning or the end. Reservations are July 7 – 14th.

August 2017 update: canceling 2018 trip, so will have to postpone this adventure.


Available up to one year in advance

$20 per person per day

Reserve here: https://camping.ehawaii.gov/camping/welcome.html;jsessionid=03CC6026857F02DA98989AB6795E8AD7.lana
Select “Napali Coast State Wilderness Park” and “Kalalau” campground

The Trip:

11 miles one way

Elevation gain is about 5,000′

Ideally allow 2 nights/3 days

Permits for Kalalau shall be valid for Hanakoa on the first and/or last night of camping along the Kalalau Trail. Hanakoa is roughly 6 miles in from the trailhead. Hikers are encouraged to stopover and camp at Hanakoa if they possess a valid permit for Kalalau and they feel the need to break up their trek.

If we arrive the day before we want to depart, can camp at Haena Beach Park
Camping permit fees are $3.00 per adult, per night for non-residents
Must purchase when on Kauai; offices are closed Sat/Sun/holidays






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